Redefine Family Time!

The focus of this Reverse Engineer project is to analyze the use of contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity and color in professionally produced materials.

This ad was created by Ruby’s Inn, a hotel in Bryce canyon. I found this popup Ad on This ad caught my attention right away, it may seem a little messy at first but upon close inspection, everything is perfectly placed and styled to assist with the entire overall design.


This ad demonstrates a lot of contrast which is what caught my eye the most at first glance. The transitions between each image in this ad offers high contrast in color making it easy to find where each image ends and the next begins. The text in this ad also provides contrast. Each section includes a different type of text the first Serif, then script, lastly san-serif. The contrast really brings your eye to the ad and catches attention.


This ad demonstrates repetition first by using the same symbol throughout. This arrow symbol is used across the design and keeps your eye moving across the design. The text also shows some repetition, while each section of text is a very different font, the line weight of all of the test is very similar creating repetition.


This ad demonstrates alignment in a couple of ways. The majority of the text is aligned vertically in the center of the ad, and horizontally on the right of its section. The only section that does not follow this rule is the last. the text in the last section is horizontally centered, unlike the rest. This adds a bit more contract to the ad.


This ad demonstrates proximity with the related texts grouped, as well as in the same typeface. The first 2 sections are nearby creating proximity, however the design of the typeface created some extra separation there. To me, this helps to highlight the words “family time” making them more important than the rest of the text while still keeping it connected. The text in the last section is not related to the first to section very much which is why it is separated both by alignment and proximity.


Much of the contrast in this ad is created by color. There are striking differences in color around the text to make sure it is visible and brings your eye to it. Each section of the ad also has its own color theme that helps to follow into the next section. The first section is very warm, using reds and yellows. The second section has a little bit of the reds and yellows but adds some blues and oranges into the mix. The third section is focused on blues and oranges. That middle section really helps to bring the 2 entirely different sections together.


This ad uses each of these elements in unique ways that bring attention to the ad and direct your eyes across the ad. Many of these elements are intertwined and used in several ways to unify the design. This really shows that each of these elements by themselves is important, however, they are really successful when used as a whole, all together.